Date: December 18th, 2019.

Location: REC DEPT

East Longmeadow Soccer Association (ELSA)     

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 6:00pm – 8:00pm       

Location:  Recreation Center

328 N. Main Street, East Longmeadow, MA 01028



On the 18th of December President Jorge Morgado called the ELSA Board of Directors meeting to order at approximately 6:05 p.m.


The following Directors were present:  Jorge Morgado, Jeff Reilly, Hayes Murray, Kristin Dudley, Katie O’Sullivan, Jen Soja


Others Present:  Steve Vigneux, Donna Prather


Open Forum 6:05pm

No attendees present for open forum discussion.

Approval of minutes 6:05pm

Minutes from the September, October and November meeting were unanimously approved.

Motion to approve Jen Soja as new Board member 6:05 – 6:15pm

There are currently three open positions on the ELSA Board: in-town coordinator, ways and means and co-registrar.  A motion was made at the November 20th meeting to approve Jen Soja as a new Board member.  Jen felt that the place where could best serve would be in-town coordinator.  Director Reilly moved to approve Jen as a Board member, serving as the in-town coordinator.  The motioned was seconded by Director Dudley.  The motion passed.

New Board Member 6:20pm - 6:40pm

Steve Vigneux, prospective ELSA Board member, was in attendance to meet the Board and discuss his potential role.  Steve currently coaches U-9 girls and has assisted with U-11/12 girls.  He has lived in East Longmeadow since 2004 and teaches High School English in Belchertown.  Director Reilly asked which open position Steve would want to fill (ways and means, co-registrar).  Steve said he would be comfortable serving whatever role the Board felt there as the most need in.  A brief discussion took place on the responsibilities of each position.  Steve said he would be happy to serve as co-registrar.

President Morgado made a motion to approve Steve as a member of the ELSA Board.  The motion will be voted on at the next meeting.

Soccer XS fall review – survey results - 6:40pm – 7:15pm

The Rec Department sent out a soccer XS survey to parents/coaches on December 11th.   To date, 48 parent responses and 11 coaches have responded.  The evaluation period is still open.

A discussion was held on the responses/comments received by the Rec Dept.  Positive feedback included:

  • Coach Neil was great, interactive, fun

  • Practices were structured and well organized

  • Coach Neil engaged the players very well and they responded well to his direction

Constructive feedback included:

  • Coaches did not implement XS drills/programs in their second practices

  • More than one trainer would be useful

  • Too many kids per trainer, not worth money for the involvement

  • EL coaches were not fully on board with XS program – coaches not wanting/willing to change.

Coaches need to be open to new drills, ideas, strategies, coaching philosophies.  The Rec Dept is looking into offering Soccer Heroes (pre-k soccer) for Spring 2020.  There will be a U-8 travel program starting in Spring 2020.  Spring plan for soccer XS needs to be in place by January 30, 2020.  Soccer XS has been budgeted for Spring 2020 and Rec/ELSA will be working with XS over the next month to finalize plans for the Spring.  The Board and Rec will take feedback from survey into consideration when formalizing future Soccer XS programs.

Coach’s application 7:15pm – 7:40pm

Director Murray presented the East Longmeadow Travel Soccer Coach Application for review and comment.  At the November ELSA meeting, the Board and Rec decided that a formal application would aid in the coaching evaluation and selection process, especially in situations where there is more than one coaching candidate.  All coaches will submit the completed application to ELSA/Rec who will evaluate and select coaches.  A draft of the application is attached.  Director Murray will make certain formatting changes and submit a final version at the January Board meeting.

Recreation Soccer Referee’s – 7:40pm – 7:50pm

The Board discussed a minimum age and/or other qualifications that should be considered for recreation soccer referees.  Roots minimum referee age is 14, and if all training/education requirements are met, 14 should be the age requirement for recreation soccer as well (also would require that the referee be in high school).

Finance update 7:50pm – 7:55pm

$9,240.84 balance in the ELSA account. 

Other Business

The next ELSA board meeting is scheduled for Thursday January 23rd at 6:00 pm.  There being no further business, President Morgado adjourned the meeting at approximately 8:00 p.m.